About …

About … Leon Droby

My initial intro to photography happened at a young age.  Between my parents taking holiday / travel pictures everywhere we went and my sister Lucia coming home from college with a camera, I couldn’t help but notice.  After one of her camera upgrades, I became the proud owner of a hand me down, Asahi Pentax 35mm camera.

Shortly after that, she took me into the Somerville Community Darkroom for my first of many darkroom lessons.  And that’s where photography came together for me.  I realized that the camera was half the process and the darkroom was the other.

While I didn’t realize it at the time, photography was the perfect marriage of technology and creativity for me. The physical workings of the camera and darkroom satisfied my technological needs. The creative aspect allowed me to express myself and how I see the world in ways no other media could.

Over the years, my involvement with photography was proportional to my access to a darkroom.  In college, where I was photo editor for the school newspaper or in an apartment where I had a makeshift darkroom, I was a very active.  Conversely, times when I didn’t have access to a darkroom, I hardly took any pictures.

Digital photography truly liberated my involvement. Now, wherever I went, I had access to a “darkroom”.

Which brings me to today. And, this web site.

About … This Site

While for me, the ideal way to view a picture is with a physical print, my walls can hold only so many prints.  And very few people get to see them.

This web site is a way for me to get my pictures off my computer and out into the world.  A way for others to see them.

About … Purchasing Prints

While the intent of this site is personal, if you would like a print that is suitable to frame and display or give as a gift, prints are available to purchase. Most pictures are available 4”x6”, 8.5”x11” and 17”x22”; sizes are approximate based upon the crop of the picture. Pictures are available either matted or non matted. Sorry but there is no framed option at this time.

Please submit this form for more information regarding print purchase.